Rifft is renowned for cruelty and mystery, wearing cloaks, gloves, and bandages covering his face, little is known about the figure. Rifft is the leader of Rifft's Boys, a team of enforcers for the Wardens in Vaelond.


  • Rifft is 3'2" tall
  • Rifft's victims are often covered in hundreds of wounds, which vary in kind from insect stings, rodent bites, shallow cuts, etc.
  • Riffts eyes are yellow.
  • Tufts of hair occasionally stick out from Rifft's face bandages - these vary in color, but are often brown, grey, or black.
  • Rifft either can speak with rats, or pretends to.


  • Rifft is a wererat.
  • Rifft is an intelligent undead.
  • Rifft is a goblin (widely disbelieved, since Orcs wiped out the last goblins over 100 years ago, but still widely spoken)