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Sai'is Campaign Setting for D&D 5e. Written as game progresses. Steampunked setting where Orcs are the ruling class, Humans were hunted to extinction, and Elves were driven into the sea, where it is assumed they either starved to death or sailed over the edge of the world.

Setting begins in the city of Vaelond, modeled after Victorian-Era London.

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Hundreds of Years Ago, Orcs conquered the world of Sai’is

They conquered the gnomes first. One gnome (Dubbed "The Peacebroker" by the Orcs) begged for his life, offering to make inventions for them if they spared him. In subsequent settlements, they offered this deal as terms of surrender rather than slaughtering the populace. Eventually, the Orcs had machinery capable of surpassing many magical options.

Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, and Half-Orcs no longer exist (although all orcs use the Half-Orc stats from 5e - more on that later) Humans were wiped out entirely. The few Elves that survived escaped to the west on their ships, where it is supposed they either starved to death on the endless ocean or fell off the edge of the world, depending on who you ask.

The wearing of beards was declared illegal. This was done at first to taunt and demoralize the conquered Dwarves, but remains in effect. Dwarves typically have the mustache-into-muttonchops look.

Learned magic is illegal - there is a thriving black market, but studying magic can get you rather stiff penalties. Innate magic is handled differently (I have a couple different ideas on that front).

With the known world conquered, and gnomish inventors seeing to their needs, the Orcs became less savage. Over the course of 10 generations or so (roughly 200 years), the Orcs became downright civilized. The main holdover from their barbaric heritage is honor-dueling, which is practiced frequently. The Dwarves adapted this into bare-knuckle boxing.

The classes are stratified by race, more-or-less: The ruling class/aristocracy and the merchant class are largely orcs. The scientific class are primarily gnomes. The labor class are mostly Dwarves. Halflings still exist, but typically stay away from the city, working agriculture.

Religion in Sai’is works like in our world: There is no agreement on which religion is true and there is no proof of the gods in day-to-day life. There is no resurrection.

The premier adventure of Sai'is follows the Nice Guys, a team of low-level enforcers for the gang called "The Wardens."

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